Simply Birth for Couples


A workshop for pregnant couples to explore & learn effective yoga techniques that will support their body, baby & mind through labour & birth.

2019 Workshop Dates:  

Next workshop: 8 May

Then… 5 June, 10 July, 7 August, 4 September, 9 October, or 13 November

Couples will learn a set sequence of supportive prenatal yoga poses, authentic yogic breathing techniques; how to link these two together to help manage uncomfortable sensations (‘pain’) during labour and birth. Partners will learn how use touch massage and pressure points.

We’ll also explore the anatomic structure and biomechanics of the pelvis, because that’s where baby slips through! You’ll gain a better understanding on how to mobilize and open your pelvis during labour through certain poses that are supported by your partner. In addition, how to create an optimal birthing environment through space ergonomics, essential oils, sound, lighting and dristi.


This session is part discussion / lecture, and part practice to apply what we learn.


Audience: This session is geared toward pregnant couples planning a natural vaginal delivery (NVD).

Length: Approximately two and a half hours. 7 – 9pm / 9.30pm

Cost: R650 per couple  (full payment confirms booking)


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3 April 2019 Closed

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