‘My husband and I went to the Simply Birth for Couples event in March and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We hadn’t done much birth prep before and I’m so glad our first session was such a positive one — focusing on ways that we can work together as a couple and with our baby to help him come out the easiest way possible. I feel a lot more empowered now, both with knowledge of birth and practical experience of positions that can help orientate our baby for birth. My husband now feels more confident in ways in which he can support and care for me during labour. We are both very glad that we went to Simply Birth for Couples and we’d highly recommend it for other pregnant couples.’

Sarah Brittan


‘We really enjoyed Sian’s Simply Birth for couples workshop. I really wish I’d done a workshop like this before my first birth as it would definitely have helped. My husband did an amazing job first time round, but didn’t really know how to support me, or what to do to help. Now after the workshop he has a step by step guide of ‘tools’ – things he can do to support/distract me and ways to ease my pain etc, which makes him feel a lot more confident going into it this time round…and me too 😉
Also…the workshop itself was wonderful and relaxing and pampering!’

Lauren Kotzé


‘Putting the prenatal element to one side for a moment, Siân’s yoga classes are probably the best instructor-lead fitness experience I’ve had. And the fact that this was prenatal just made the experience that much better! Siân expertly and serenely makes you feel calm and confident in her environment, naturally enabling to you to explore your mind, connect with your body, your own energy and of course your baby. Each class takes you on a journey within yourself. Keep up the good work Siân, and thank you for helping me breathe calmness and strength into my pregnancy! Xx’

Anne Hahndiek

‘Sian’s Simply birth workshop was such a lovely experience. Her knowledge, calming nature and attention to detail were the perfect combination for this kind of offering. I left feeling more confident and capable and also met other lovely moms-to-be which made it an overall rewarding and valuable experience. Highly recommended.’

Dianne Piketh

‘I did Sian’s Simply Birth workshop in preparation for the birth of my little one, Alexander. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learnt so many techniques that I’m sure contributed to a beautiful and empowering vaginal birth. Sian is a wonderfully calming presence and has so much knowledge to share. I’d highly recommend the workshop to all those who would like to play an active part in their labour and birthing story.’

Simone Izzard

‘I used to love waking up to attend Sian’s prenatal courses. It was a very relaxing moment for me and my baby, for the moment I stepped in to the moment I left the place. There is something about Sian that calms you instantly. She is patient, sweet, always here for you and has good advices. Thanks to her I could get my body ready for a smooth easy home birth and release the backpains (and others) I got during my last trimester. Ladies if you still hesitate, just go and try by yourself you will not be disappointed!’

Noémie Cavin

‘Sian is an amazing yoga instructor and person! She has really helped me to listen to my body and to know what feels good. She takes care of you as an individual and i love the personal attention she gives each of her students. I recommend Glow Yoga 110% to any mom to be as it is a great way to allow yourself that time to connect with your baby and yourself!’

Dominique Francis

‘An extremely gentle and calming form of yoga allowing you special connection time between belly and mom. Excellent poses to get you ready for the big birthing day. Thank you Sian, I loved every minute of my time in class right up to this exciting 40th week!’

Claire Monson

‘Sian is a very dedicated and skilled yoga instructor. She is also very knowledgable about all things pregnancy related. Her classes were very relaxing and comforting, definitely a highlight during my pregnancy.’

Nikki Streathfield

‘Sian’s prenatal classes were always a pleasure to attend. The calm and nurturing environment is wonderful and she is always in tune to the pregnant body. The studio space is equally serene and cozy, the perfect place to practice with other expectant mamas.’

Brianna Balboni

‘A nurturing space, lovely community and excellent yoga teacher. Highly recommended for expecting mums.’

Ginny Davids

‘What a wonderful way to relieve some of the aches and pains that unfortunately come with pregancy. Sian’s classes offered me a serene, calm break from my chaotic life with a toddler and growing belly and hugely increased my physical comfort. As an extra bonus, Sian is just a lovely person and wonderful instructor!’

Anneke Perold Potgeiter

‘Attending Sian’s prenatal yoga classes is in the heart of my pregnancy experience. What Sian offers is more than yoga – it is a sacred time of bonding with your baby as he/she grows in your womb while nurturing yourself and being supported in a peaceful environment. I attended Sian’s yoga classes 2-3 per week from the first trimester of my pregnancy and I would not have made it without this – it kept me physically, spiritually and mentally healthy and positive. Beyond the experience, Sian’s classes also prepared my body for birth. I was blessed to have a natural delivery and the regular yoga contributed to this. Sian herself is a beautiful, loving, sacred lady that cares about each lady and baby that she works with and she brings a different dimension to her classes. She cares about the finer details. Ladies I encourage you to attend.’

Donia Kok Farghaly

‘Sian offers the most nurturing and peaceful space for her yoga practice classes. The classes are small enough that you really get to know each other and she has the most incredible energy that leaves you feeling revitalized and connected after each class. I cannot recommend her yoga classes enough. Well worth traveling to!’

Erika Costa

‘Getting a few of Sian’s classes in before birth was one of the best things I did. She is an excellent, gentle and yet strong prenatal yoga teacher. I found each class gave me the strength to face the coming birth, as well as the space to go inside, connect with my baby and prepare to meet him. The classes were well structured for both those who are new to yoga as well as those, like me, who have practiced over the years. I loved each class and sometimes can’t wait to be pregnant again so I can get back to one!’

Megan Cawood

‘Sian’s prenatal classes were a lifesaver and really helped get me through my pregnancy. Helped so much to calm me with anxious feelings I was feeing both emotionally and mentally and helped me physically too. Really looked forward to them. Started classes with her at 16 wks.perfect gentle exercise for pregnant women and felt confident going to such a brilliant teacher specialising in pregnancy yoga.Sian is fantastic and also very supportive! Would highly recommend classes for anyone pregnant. so worth it!!!!Helps with breathing too and just getting through it and staying calm and focused. Do yourself a favour during your pregnancy and attend these very beneficial classes with Sian.’

Lianne Walker

‘I have been with Sian for antenatal yoga since I was 8 weeks pregnant. Her classes has been such a vital part in preparing for my baby’s birth, both emotionally and physically. Sian created a safe, peaceful space where she combined her knowledge and warmth to guide us through this incredible journey. I believe the antenatal classes served me well in preparation for the safe and natural delivery of my baby boy, which is all I could ask for. Thank you Sian!’

Marlize Swanepoel

‘Thank you Sian! Your classes were such an important part of my second pregnancy, helping me to relax and prepare, so I could truly enjoy the beauty of my little girl’s birth! I look forward to your postnatal classes xxx’


Christine Victoria Streit

‘I treated myself to prenatal yoga this pregnancy and it landed up being an absolute life saver. Sian is a lovely, calm and gentle soul and going to her classes energised and relaxed me throughout my pregnancy. Highly recommend these classes for relaxation; preparing for child birth; connecting with your inner self and baby.’

Ange Hayler

‘Experiencing Sian’s gentle, caring energy before, during, and after her class is like enjoying a warm, candlelit, aromatherapeutic bath; soothing on your soul, and reviving for your body. I am so looking forward to post natal classes, Sian. Soon-soon. 😉 xx’

Candice Douglas

‘If you’re pregnant, do yourself a favour and try out one of Sian’s classes! These prenatal yoga classes are such a warm, nurturing space and a great opportunity to connect with other moms. I found the yoga very useful for weekly relaxation and birth preparation, and used what I had practiced for relaxation and pain control during labour. Classes are small and Sian tailors them to the moms present and how they feel at each lesson. I have no doubt that the weekly gentle yoga helped minimise my back pain and SPD during pregnancy. Thanks Sian xx’

Murina Hoosain

‘Thank you so much for your great lessons Sian! While I lived in Kommetjie for 4 months I really enjoyed your pregnancy classes. They’re relaxed, various and caring. I’ll really miss them when back in Amsterdam. Wish I could take your classes back home:) All the best,’

Emelie van Wensen

‘I always look forward to Sian’s classes, with her calm and caring approach she always makes you feel safe by informing you how the class has benefited you and your buba 🙂 You always leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, relaxed and your batteries recharged… It is such a wonderful class and I highly recommend pre-natal yoga to all expecting Mama’s it really is so beneficial in preparing your body for birth and great to increase oxygen and blood flow to Buba, helping buba to grow strong and healthy.’

Stacy lee Partridge

‘I absolutely loved attending Sian’s prenatal yoga classes. She helped structure the classes to accommodate my severe SPD and Pelvic Girdle Pain. I strongly recommend her classes to anyone who is thinking of doing prenatal yoga – whether you’re 8 weeks pregnant or 40 weeks pregnant!’

Bridget Sole

‘Sian has a wonderful way of guiding you in the process in a calm and respectful manner. Sian exudes patience, knowledge and warmth, which makes the whole experience. I have hypermobility and a host of past dance injuries, so my body has really taken strain during pregnancy; I have found that prenatal yoga has worked wonders for my back and sciatic pain. I have also found yoga to be beneficial from an emotional point of view as well, as I feel calm and positively connected to my baby at the end of a session. I would definitely recommend Glow Yoga without hesitation!’

Fiona MIlls

‘I attended my first prenatal yoga class on Saturday as Sian was teaching a 67 minute class in honour of Mandela Day. What a treat!!! I thoroughly enjoyed the class, Sian was very knowledgeable and attentive and took the time to assist each person in the class. Sian is a very warm person, she has an amazing ability to make you feel relaxed and calm and I would highly recommend her class as I found that the techniques were gentle yet effective and really helped with my flexibility and back ache. Thank you Sian for a very enjoyable experience I will definitely be coming back as I feel it is highly beneficial to my pregnancy x’

Megan Eadie

‘I had the privilege of attending Sian’s yoga classes during my first pregnancy and found them to be highly beneficial and enjoyable. Sian herself is a brilliant and patient instructor who attentively caters to each person’s level of ability. She is also a caring, kind and warm individual who openly shares her knowledge and personal experiences of child birth. I highly recommend Glow yoga for every mom to be, it will enrich your pregnancy experience immensely and ready your body for a healthy birth.’

Lara Lore

‘Sian is an amazing yoga instructor who is so helpful during pregnancy to help us get in tune with our sweet growing babies. It is so unique to see such a specific class designed for overall body health & also bonding time with baby in womb. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to join her classes!’

Nicole Marshall

‘Sian’s yoga classes are fantastic! Each session is different, she tailored the sessions according to our physical and emotional needs preparing our bodies and minds for the big day. I really admired her ability to connect personally with each participant in the class. I spent my pregnancy between Nairobi (where I live) and Cape Town (my family home and where I had my daughter) which had its challenges. But, it was so great to be able to attend Sian’s classes and receive such amazing support from her, it really helped with the transition between the two cities! Cant recommend enough!’

Jesicca Halley