Saturdays 9am – 10am

Ubuntu Baba, Westlake Lifestyle Centre

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This safe and effective prenatal yoga class does wonders for a pregnant woman’s body, self confidence, childbirth experience, and postpartum recovery.  It’s a fantastic form of prenatal exercise to physically and mentally prepare for labour and birth.  Poses are modified to each trimester and levels of fitness.  It builds strength, stamina and stability to help carry a growing baby through all trimesters of pregnancy. Common pregnancy discomforts and aches are alleviated. Poses are linked with the breath, tapping into sensation awareness to help prepare for a smooth, efficient labour and birth. You’ll leave class feeling more connected to self and baby, relaxed, energized and strong – ready for your birthing day. All levels welcome.

This class is also very beneficial for non-labour births (Caesarean).

You can attend this class all the way through your third trimester to your birthing day, especially if you have held a strong practice or exercise routine prior to or early on in your pregnancy.

Private events and tuition please enquire for rates and availability.